One of my shortest trips, I unfortunately only visited Venice for the day. But nonetheless, I managed to see a lot of the city in such a short space of time and would love to go back for longer. 


Pre-Covid-19, travelling for the day was so simple and much easier than you might think. My friend and I got the train from London Paddington to Heathrow and a quick flight to Venice Marco Polo Airport. From there, we got tickets in the airport and took a quick bus ride into the city. Getting around was easy due to the small size of Venice and we spent the day on foot before travelling back. On the way back we took a boat ride on the grand Canal to the bus station, making sure to see as much of Venice before we left. 


When in Italy for the day you have to have pizza right? That’s exactly what we did. We were walking past restaurants next to one of the canals and stopped for a bite to eat. There were heaters and blankets to keep us warm while we enjoyed our meal. 

Later on we also stopped at the hard Rock Cafe for a pit-stop before heading on our way. 

To anyone hesitant about going somewhere for a short time, I would definitely recommend doing it. Who knows when I would have been able to go to Venice if I hadn’t jumped at the chance to go that day. The flights were fairly inexpensive for the day (under £100 return) and we didn’t spend much while there so it was really worth it!

Below is a gallery of photographs I took throughout the day:

Eleanor Yates

Eleanor Yates

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