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As a part of my Journalism degree, in our third year of the course we were required to participate in the print and online production of university newspaper, The River. In the first term I was the ‘Photo and Visuals Editor’, working to achieve the best possible images and visual appearance of the work produced. My main role was gathering all images for print and converting them to the correct formats to be compatible with the print specifications.  

In my time I also redid the website to create a modern appearance that was still appropriate for news and acted as a reporter, writing articles. In my second term, I then was part of the layout team, using Indesign to create page designs for the print newspaper. 

See examples below:

The below images show the before (left) and the after (right) of my revamp of the website. I chose to make it more image based and visually appealing with less wasted space overall, creating a more engaging and clear appearance. 

The following are images of articles I wrote for print editions of The River and PDFs of pages I laid out on Indesign. My print articles were also adapted for online, adding a variety of visuals and interactive elements.

Links to my articles that have been published on The River Online:

Eleanor Yates

Eleanor Yates

Hello! My name is Eleanor Yates and I am a journalist and visual creator.

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