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Meet Eleanor

Hello and welcome to my online home!  I am a journalist and visual creator. My areas of interest are multi-media, visual journalism, particularly online and travel pieces.

I have always loved photography, ever since I was able to experiment with a camera at a young age and journalism for me incorporates the things I have grown to love. I enjoy travelling and the fast paced nature of the media industry. 

I want to focus on stories that show the world, different people and cultures and use this, my Just Journo site as a place to keep all my work together and share what I have created. 

Follow my footprints...

'Fernweh,' the ache to explore faraway places.

Latest From the Blog

University Project

Visual Story: Soil

For my Visual Journalism module I created a five minute visual story for the web, about the agronomy industry and the role of carbon in

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Published Work

Food and Travel Magazine

In the summer of 2021 I undertook a five week work placement at Food and Travel magazine, working with their editorial and commercial team.  I

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University Project

Data Journalism Investigation

As part of my Data Journalism Specialism module I investigated ‘Pandemic Puppies’ by conducting interviews with charities, looking at and analysing FOIA data and using

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Published Work

The River Newspaper

As a part of my Journalism degree, in our third year of the course we were required to participate in the print and online production

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University Project

TV News Package

For my Broadcast Journalism assignment I created a TV News Package exploring the idea of: How has the reopening of non-essential retail affected small online

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